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Cooking Converters for European and US Standards

Here are some handy conversion tools in case you're not a math wizard or married to one.

If you're looking for cooking terms, please visit my small German - American cooking glossary, either the American-based version or the German-based version. The explanatory text on both pages is primarily in English, the idea being that this effort is primarily for Americans finding themselves trying to cook in a foreign environment or perhaps for Germans looking to have some fun with American recipes. It can be quite daunting, having to deal with different ingredients and terminology, with differences in weights and measures, as well as in temperatures. Here are some helpful tools to assist you!

Just enter your number in the appropriate field and hit the button beneath it. Your conversion will appear in the other field.


Maße und Gewichte / Weights & Measures

Fluid Ounce und Liter

fl. oz.



Typically, American recipes call for many ingredients to be measured in cups (a measure of volume), whereas German recipes generally call for ingredients in grams, a weight measure. This converter will give you an approximate conversion, depending on your ingredient. Since we can't include them all, please select the ingredient in the pull-down menu below that is most like what you need.

Cup und Gram




Temperaturen / Temperatures





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