Carousel from Ludwigsburg Christmas market

Weihnachtsmarkt Carousel in Ludwigsburg, Germany


A wonderful seasonal attraction, this carousel can be found every December at the Christmas market in Ludwigsburg, Germany. It's set up in the city's market square (shown above) for approximately one month, ending just a few days before Christmas. The carousel is very popular with the local children, from toddler right up to pre-teen.

The photo above is what the carousel looks like in the morning. I'm not sure what time they start the engine, but once it's running, you never see it like this, with no people standing around. The photo below, right, gives a better idea of this ride's popularity and shows the warm glow and festive look of the carousel after dark. Click on that photo to see a bigger version.

In addition to the carousel, there's a wonderful ferris wheel. It's not very big, but what it doesn't have in size, it more than makes up for in charm.

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Translation of the German blurb about this carousel from the owner's web site.

The carousel was built in 1965 by the Hennecke Company in Uelzen. It measures 10 meters in diameter and is 5 meters in height.It runs on approximately 15 kilowatts. It has a capacity of about 44 children. The pavilion is made entirely of wood, which was standard at the time it was built. The vehicles (streetcar, fire engine, etc.) are also made of wood. The motorcycles have actual JLO motors.*

The carousel motor still uses a water starter system. The carousel has all its original parts and is very well maintained.


*JLO is a German firm that makes motorcycle engines.

Carousel detail

Carousel at night



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